Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Picture of My Life

My life reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle.
As one piece fits into another,
so my days join together to form the picture of my life.

I have mixed feelings as I examine the picture
already partly assembled.
Some pieces I would like to remove or rearrange,
but I cannot, for they are fixed in place.

My life, like a jigsaw puzzle, has been made up
of many shades of colour.
There have been the bright, happy times when things
have gone smoothly.
There have been the dark, shadowy times of suffering,
despair and uncertainty.

The bright periods have been pleasant,
but I know it has been the difficult and dark times
that have given my life perspective and depth.

As I look to the future, I feel some trepidation -
the boundaries of the picture are not fixed.

How much of my life is still to be completed?
I have no way of knowing, because you only give the pieces
to me daily, one at a time.
How many dark periods await me?
Will I have the strength and endurance to keep going
no matter what comes my way?

I know I must step into the future with faith,
believing that as you have been with me in the first part of my life,
guiding, comforting and teaching,
you will continue to walk beside me in the future.

I do not know how or when my life will end,
but it is my prayer, that when the last piece of the puzzle is put into place,
what will appear is not a picture of me,
but a picture of you, Lord.

1 comment:

Sasmen said...

Nice one marroush...
I think we must look in the depth of Jesus picture... as god already said: ... lets make the man similar to our picture...
So everyone of us is a full picture and not only a part...
When we did the first sin, we lost our clear & pure picture. But Jesus equalize us with him when he died... and now we are sons of god...

Now, we are unified inside his heart...
Now, we have not to wait till the end to know that we are like his picture...
Because we are totally saved by him, as he died for once to make every human being live eternaly...
Just we must have the faith...