Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I feel totally at peace and most blessed when:

  • I wake up to the sound of happily chirping birds.
  • Outside it is pouring and pouring with rain and I am comfortably cuddled up in bed.
  • I am sitting in bed, after a long day, listening to soothing music, writing in my diary.
  • Smiling and laughing with children. Nothing is comparable to the happiness I feel whilst with children.
  • I am sitting outside on a beautiful spring day, just soaking in the atmosphere around me.
  • I fall asleep and rise thinking of the most sweet soul each day.
  • someone says "I understand".

I love the most simple things in life and it is these most simple things that let me love life.


sadlers5 said...

so beautiful like you honey, when things get tough the tough get going! yes we all must be like little children if we hope to enter the kingdom of god, we only look into a face of a child to see the face of christ! god bless you and sweet dreams, your friend, ann :)

Anonymous said...

I feel most blessed to have such a friend as you.

Sasmen said...

The wings of the holy spirit are surrounding your soul... you can feel no more pain or fear... just love and peace... you walk in the light... and you will reach the truth, that god is everywhere... that god is the life of our love... that god is eternal and we will be because we are his sons and daughters...

Mouche Blue said...

yap... simplicité fait beauté...