Thursday, September 08, 2005


Do you know what really shits me?
How money makes the world go round.
The way people think that they can buy your love/friendship/admiration.
The way people think money can 'heal' or make up for something.
That when you have money, you're the one everyone wants to be around.
When you don't, nobody knows you.
That so many people are caught up in money making that they forget the important things in life.
Money does not buy true happiness.
Money cannot ever buy true love.
Money cannot ever buy true friendship.
Money will not ever win you real admiration.
Money does not 'heal'.
Money does not even compare to a person's presence/understanding.
Money will not ever change who you really are.
Money is money.
And love is love.
So put your money back in your pocket...
And go buy happiness with love.


Sasmen said...

Very true my love! one day Jesus said: "you cannot have two gods, god and the money"... we must not look to the money as its everything... because the money is in reality nothing... no one will die and face god by his money, but with his love and forgiveness to everyone... people thinked having money will give the peace... no way... the only real peace is in the heart that loves god and lives in the hand of god... money canno give us anything... money must be the last thing we think about... we can live from the love of everyone on earth... from god's love to us... from our real and pure love... this is how we can buy our happiness... our eternal one... with no need to money... i totaly agree with u... for sure ;) SAMA

sadlers5 said...

money can buy things but not love and not respect and not real happiness!

Mouche Blue said...

Yap, that's true!
But unfortunately it has a huge impact on people...
Some may say: money cannot buy Love and Happiness, but let's be realistic: Money opens doors that we never dream about... I'm not saying it is the most important thing in the world but it eases our life and provides the sense of comfort and relief, physically and above all psychically...
I'm not saying that we have to worship money but look arround and see how people run after good salaries and why is that? I think no need to answer...
Let's be objective... let each one of us look inside of ourself and be honest with ourself... It's hard to admit but in our deep thoughts we all go for GOOD MONEY!!!

Marwa said...

Thanks for your comment. Sure, without money we could not live. But, sadly, it directs and takes over the 'real life' of some people. A better car. A better house. Better clothes. Better this. Better that. As long as we are healthy... we have food on the table... we are under a roof... have a mean of transport... do not need the financial assistance of others... what more could we possibly need? Some people always look at others and feel the need to be and do better. And that's what creates the 'obsession' with money. Sure, without money we probably wouldn't be healthy or have food and shelter... but why can't those who do be happy and grateful for just that? These are the people I am talking about. Also, being totally honest with ourselves... yes... it is so obvious that most of us go for 'good money'... so (sadly) obvious! But don't you think this should be 'adequate money'... and 'good lifestyle'!? And a good lifestyle doesn't need one cent more than our 'adequate money'.