Friday, September 09, 2005

In the Garden

Lying on the grass,
In a beautiful, peaceful garden.
Sun beaming down,
Filtered by the tall, majestic trees.
I feel the warmth of the sun,
How much I love it's comfort.
Every thought, every worry fades away.
I feel so relaxed.
A divine light breeze passes,
Wafting a beautiful odour.
It is invigorating.
Birds are happily chirping,
How much I love their laughter.
I listen.
No thoughts.
No worries.
I feel peaceful.
How much I love this peace.
How much I need it.


sadlers5 said...

beautiful poem!

Sasmen said...

When you feel tired... when you feel that everything is going bad... just open your window... open your door... go out & see that the life is not that ugly... go out & see the trees, the birds, the breezes, the sun... once you open your heart, all the pain will be gone... think now why god created all this beauty around us... it was not only for eating :)... there is also a purpouse ;)