Saturday, March 25, 2006

Until We Meet Again...

She begins to wake the sleeping sky.
When she reaches out, the ocean responds.
She moves closer and closer to him.
He caresses her.
Simultaneously, she bows her head, chin to chest.
Her arms fall to her sides.
She sinks to her knees.
In one motion.
I watch, anticipate, wait for her next move.
She rises almost magically, and greets the incoming breeze.
They all begin to dance, oh-so-blissfully.
She turns and waves.

It is so beautiful, so captivating, the sun's arrival, when it breaks the surface of the ocean.

Feeling her warmth, I step forward, and imprint the warming sand.
When I look up, they are still dancing, waltzing, with so much passion.
They sway and spin, whirl and swing, to the music they create with the ocean.
Their level of elation, their contentment, is a striking contrast...
A striking contrast of what I witness later when I welcome the night.

Until they meet again...

Until we meet again...


sunny* said...

hi im sunny from india i was just surfing around and found your blog and was impressed with your poem im a poet myself and have posted one as a blog myself this is some thing new to me i m not sure how it works well if you can we can be in touch and exchange our ideas im from india i m 22 male,

Louise said...

So so so beautiful. I keep reading over and over and just can't get enough. Magical.
I'm always here for you don't forget.

sadlers5 said...

pretty words, nice pic, how u doing ? long time no see, take care, ann :)

sadlers5 said...

such a pretty poem and pic, great work! said...

Cool~ I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing :D

Currently, I'm researching on Breast Cancer Awareness

Anonymous said...

nice peom,, we need new posts :)..

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