Monday, February 20, 2006


When tears never fall, and birds never fly.
When winter never ends, and children never cry.
When the nights are not dark, and the days have no light.
When forever ends, and the eyes have no sight.
When ears cannot hear, and the grass never grows.
When silence is too loud, and the genius never knows.
When strength doesn't strengthen, and flowers never bloom.
When hearts can't be broken, and eternity is too soon.
When the wind never blows, and the rain doesn't wet.
When thunder can't be heard, and the sun refuses to set.
When angels don't protect, and a fact is not true.
When life can't be lived, and the sky is not blue.
When the truth is a lie, and the fake turns real.
When the clock shows no time, and wounds never heal.
When enjoyment isn't fun, and bells cannot ring.
When a race can't be won, and a singer cannot sing.
When pain does not hurt, and enemies never fight.
When rainbows have no color, and something wrong is right.
When all these things happen, when they come true.
That's when I, without a doubt, will stop loving you.

Author Unknown