Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's Sad...

Sometimes life can get us down. That, unfortunately, is inevitable. But, as they say, if you don't taste the bitter, you wouldn't know the sweet.

I've learnt so much these past few weeks. About people. About love. About trust. It's sad what I've discovered. I find myself always questioning my gullibility - how is it that I didn't see that before? Am I too trusting?

Over the past few weeks, I have seen the true colours of some people I had grown to believe loved me. And it sure was disappointing. But now, at this present moment, it is empowering. Yes, empowering. Not in the proud, i'm-better-than-you sense but in the sense that I've emerged a stronger, wiser girl. I thank God for what happened and is happening for I have learnt who my real friends are... and also because I got to witness some mighty fine acting along the way :) :P I've always been one to think with my heart... and now I have learnt to be more cautious.

I feel so happy because I am much more educated about the nature of people I come across and will come across in my life. Yet, I feel so sad that this is how they are... how they think. I feel sad that they are missing out on experiencing true happiness. I would just like them to feel this true happiness and no more empty satisfaction. No more lies, deceit, hatred. It's sad that people deal with their problems by creating ones for others. That people think that by making other people sound filthy, they are no longer so filthy. But, my friends, the clear-conscienced will always be just that - clear-conscienced. No amount of gossip or jealous taunts can ever take that away.

No amount of gossiping and undeservingly degrading other people can ever make you better... it only makes you worse. If you want to be and feel better... love. Love purely with all your heart. Enjoy the simple things in life... and let others enjoy them too. Do this and you will reach a level of satisfaction that you never knew existed.

You can't trust everyone on everything (as I discovered), but on this my friends, you can trust me.


Joe said...

Hi Marwa,
How are you and your parents/fiance?
I hope all are in good health!
I am in complete awe at the girl who seemingly was Auntie Marie's little princess, and now - to a
budding rose who is betrothed & continually blossoming into a warm, mature & loving daughter, cousin & soon to be wife.
I read your blog. It can be a rude awakening when people try to live life by the 'once upon a time' philosophy. Thank Our True God, Jesus Christ who is the comfort of all those who just love selflessly.
Please take comfort in your cousins Reema & Dunoosh. In them you'll find a fierce & uncompromising loyalty.
Take care
With love in Christ
Cousin Joe

Sasmen said...

It's the war between the good and the bad... the eternal non stop war... her target is to kill love... her purpous is to keep each one sad... the bads are fighting this love from when the life started... and this love is still alive... and he will stay alive till the end of time... why? because love is from god... and everything that is from god is eternal... all what we have to do is just: loving the love :) ...